My " Attitude of Gratitude " List

Last weekend was General Conference. Many topics were addressed but one that stuck with me was President Monson addressing how we must have an "attitude of gratitude". Well this last day and half has certainly been... interesting. I am trying to keep myself positive but all these little things have happened that really are not that bad, but all of them together is just making it a "Wilbur Day" as John called it.

It started when I found my mp3 player in the washing machine last night. Then this morning I was very tired and decided to sleep in because I did not have classes. That caused a bit of a problem but once I was up, I ate some cereal and got ready to go to Spanish to work on my poster due Monday. I go out to my car and the fiance of a girl that lives across the street from me is covering her car in post-it notes (probably for homecoming), I sigh - I am not going to homecoming, nor was I asked (again... right, not an issue, really) but I get in my car and notice the one thing I do have on my car - Bird Poop. Ha - I laughed, out loud. I drive up the hill and turn to park but a maintenance truck is blocking me so I turn around (a 4-6 point turn) and as I turn to go around the back of the school the truck moves... okay. I go to Spanish, work on the poster. I leave and realize that I do not have my debit card with me and I wanted to go get contacts at walmart since I am out. I run home and cannot find the card, so I grab my checkbook. Get to walmart and find out one box for my right eye alone will cost $42.99... I am frustrated. I decided to finish my shopping trip but then really did not feel like shopping and the one thing I really needed, i just didn't see the point in writing a $5 check... (very silly, i understand - I'm just tired at this point). i go home, call John & vent while I get ready for Body Attack, go to attack, come home, eat french toast, shower. And here I am.


Its out. So now, for my "attitude of gratitude" list, which I think may be the only thing to help me right now.

1) I am healthy. There is nothing terribly wrong with me, other than my lack of sight with contacts but...
2) I have glasses. While not as lovely as my contacts, I do have a way to see.
3) My family is healthy & safe. And are getting along fine.
4) My car works. It worked to get me to DC earlier this week and to get me home. It still continues to work.
5) I was able to go to the Temple on Tuesday and perform Ordinances, and take in the view. I love that place.
6) I went up to DC Monday Night, and left Wednesday Morning. It was a much needed break.
7) Kita let me stay on her couch for those nights. It was wonderful. So is she.
8) I was able to see Jana, Rachel, Tristan, Alan, Kita, Julie, Melanie....etc. The people who made my summer in Washington a great experience.
9) Its cool & not raining, therefore my hair is behaving.
10) I just took a hot shower. Some people don't have that luxury, but I enjoyed it.
11) My business law professor did not automatically fail me when the test I e-mailed him turned out to be blank and let me re-send it to him.
12) I watched Bones with Megan, Nate & Brett last night
13) I made homemade brownies with Dutch Cocoa from The Cheese Shop. They at them, they must have been pretty good but then again Nate and Brett will eat anything.
14) Oh Hey, My best friend Tommy is home from his mission like... now. That's crazy, and yes I just remembered that.
15) My Internet is working.
16) I am going to Portugal over Spring Break.
17) While in DC I felt very strongly that that is where I belong after Graduation and so plans are being made.
18) I am not allergic to yet another roommates cat - Maybe I am not allergic anymore?
19) Marlon is in town for the weekend
20) My new place has lots of space and if only I could have brought dear Bekah with me, it would be perfect
21) I have the Gospel in my life. And that my friends, is Fantastic.

I feel better. Do you?


  1. I'm so impressed with you Gina.
    You're amazing.

  2. Sometimes you really do just need to "count your blessings". Ive really liked your Lessons in Gratitude posts. I think writing things out like that is a great reminder for those days when we go out to our car and instead of being asked to homecoming, we get bird poop haha