Oh, but wait....

In the beginning of the video you can hear a little conversation:

Scott: They're Good.

Me: Yeah.

and a very affirmative, my goodness I'm so excited they just did this YEAH it was. They did it. Truman played Use Somebody by Kings of Leon, and followed it with their song, Will he dance?. Refer to the previous post but I said "Okay secretly, If they play Will he Dance? and their cover of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon, I might be a happy girl all weekend!".

Well we were sitting there after the first two songs and I was talking about... something, when Scott says "They just said they got a request for their next song". Well, he already knew that I had been listening to them all week and e-mailed them about performing Use Somebody, but I figured it was someone else. Then they said something about Kings of Leon and I pulled my camera out quick! After this song ended they played Will he dance? and I turned to Scott and said "Okay, I could leave now."

We didn't and stayed till the end of the show where like a little teeny bopper fan I went up to them and said thanks for playing the song.

TRUMAN: You guys have a new fan. (Right here)

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