Goal 2 Wrap Up & Heck Week

Goal 2: Fail. Major fail. I went for a run on Tuesday, was far to busy to run on Thursday and passed out after working at joyful on Saturday. Better luck next time.

Heck Week: Not sure what else to call this, but I am glad I had some fun this weekend (Truman, mostly). Tomorrow is the ward Halloween Party - there is FAR too much to do for this still and I am freaking out, just a little. Tuesday I have a Film Paper due and a midterm for Philosophy. Thursday I have a paper on the King Follett Discourse for Philosophy as well. {Saturday is a Cuban Dinner @ STB and they advertise with us at the newspaper so I want to go if I can, and then we have the Halloween Dance at school} Next Sunday, My Elvis Egg product is due for Marketing (while we have dinner at Kellogg's home). The Wednesday after that I have a presentation on the Culture and Systems of Target for Human Resource Management. On the 11th I have a presentation and 4 page paper due for Marketing on Supply Chain Management.

My birthday is the 16th and I think that may just be the first time I get a break.

And now this post sounds a little gloom so here are some things I am looking forward to:

*Mae Concert (? - Just might happen)
*Turning 21 soon!
*Another DC trip is hopefully in the works, I miss my city.
*I survived a busy (but not as busy as this next week) week last week
*but before that Christmas & Snow :-)


  1. I forgot you still weren't 21. Although I am aware that your birthday is coming up, it didn't click that it was the BIG 2-1. You're the baby of the group :)

  2. I am, and always will be, the baby. Ive accepted it :)