Im still standing...

So heck week... is turning out to be a lot more manageable than I planned. Film Paper is done. King Follett will be done today. Marketing project is worth only 10% of my grade, though I still plan on it being a great project. We have moved meeting for our marketing project to early next week and the HR presentation is slowly putting itself together.

I feel good.

This may or may not have to do with my schoolwork. This might have to do with something else too.

But its far from being a Heck Week.

For your enjoyment - Monday night we had the U5 Ward Halloween Party. It was a combined Activities Committe & FHE Activity so I worked a lot with one of the Activities Co-Chairs and planned this thing in about 5 days, really. We had a snack table (donuts, candy and popcorn), drink corner (soda, cider & tang), pumpkin carving, cookie decorating, a great playlist (which happened to be my blog, i just pulled it up and had it running while setting up and left it but people liked it, so why not). The biggest success was Donuts on a String. I dont know if thats the real name of the game but thats what we called it. We first had our Bishopric race one another, then our Relief Society Presidency, and then a few other rounds.

The first video is Bishop and his counselors racing and this next one is the winners from the first three going against each other. Notice how Ryan inhales the Maple Frosted Donut (he's from Vermont, I think that had something to do with it)

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