Temple Tuesday

One really great thing about Southern Virginia University is Temple Tuesday. We get a day off, sometimes during homecoming week like it was this year, to go to the Temple in Washington, DC. They organize the whole trip, have charter buses to take students up, and bring lunches. It is a great trip, and I really realized that yesterday.
I drove up Monday night and stayed with my summer roommates (thank you ladies, for letting me be the lump on your couch - it was so very good to see you all again, even if it was briefly). I woke up Tuesday and decided that while I was ten minutes from a Mall instead of the usual hour when I am at school, I went shopping. After getting some warmer clothes (a definite cold front has come in, its FREEZING for early october & i just may have snow on my birthday!!). I went to the temple about noon and met up with Abbie. One of the sister missionaries asked if we wanted to watch the Joseph Smith movie but we only had 40 minutes until our baptistry session so she had us watch The Stonecutter. I had seen it before but I really enjoy the movie, this is only a trailer but it really is great.
It was the most amazing time I have had in the temple, ever. Something about yesterday that I just needed to be there. It also had me feeling really like an example with the younger girls in our ward that were there. Ive really seen that I must do what is right, because there are people watching me.
I left about thirty minutes after we finished, went home and changed and metro'd in to the city to meet up with A. Before that I was just walking around, and falling in love all over again with this city. I sent John a picture of me, my newspaper, on my metro - he said that I have gotten possesive over a city that just a year ago I wouldnt drive in (its true, I made him drive when we got close to the city any time we would come), but I love this place, it is mine.
I finally met up with A and we grabbed some dinner and caught up, walked around Friendship Heights - overall a great time. He left for institute and I went to (pub) trivia. Trivia held in a pub - and it might sound sketch, maybe but dont judge quick. We're a table full of Mormons (specially now that B has joined the church) and we just play, it was a highlight of my summer in DC. I was able to see the whole team incl. Jana & Rachel - Two of my 4 favorite girls from the summer, and thats saying a lot.
I got home late. Woke up an hour ago, watched Glee. Ill go grab breakfast and maybe do a little more shopping so I can wait out rush hour and then I will head back to school.

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