My Perfect Schedule

I would like to tell you all out in blog-blog land (catch the joke? la-la land... no? okay then) about my perfect college course schedule.

I would be taking classes such as: Personal & Family Finance, Negotiations & Dispute Resolution, Financial Markets & Securities, Contemporary Issues, Strategic Management, and Spanish 4 - Spanish Literature.
Okay, so maybe Spanish Literature would not be in there - more like Introduction to Italian or Portuguese but this schedule is bomb! Why? Because, my dear friends, It is my schedule for next semester. My final semester of my Undergraduate Degree. WHAT!?!*#($(!

Who is excited?

Mallory and I, who have been going to the same school since Kindergarten, are graduating from Southern Virginia University at the end of next semester. Kinda weird but super exciting at the same time.
In other news - I am going to Washington, DC for a little time off. The school actually gives us tomorrow off for a Temple Day so I will be going up tonight to spend time with my roommates from the summer internship and tomorrow I will go do baptisms at the temple. Tomorrow Night = Pub Trivia!! And then I will drive home Wednesday Morning. Maybe when I get back I will pick up blogging again. We'll see. :)

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