Another post on Utah.

1)I just moved $1300 in to my savings account so I don't accidentaly spend any of my Utah money (3 Months rent, 3 months utilities, 3 months food)

2)I've emailed my besties landlord to talk to her about buying J's summer contract.

3)I've contacted a friend of my Dads out in Idaho who buys/sells cars. We're talking about what I need/want/could actually afford.

4)I've looked up plane tickets and decided if I do not need to fly to Rexburg/Idaho Falls and can fly straight into SLC then I am flying Frontier ($225 for a one way flight that includes 2 free checked bags and with the things I need to bring out with me I like the free bags idea)

5)I talked to my boss at the cafe today and explained that I am planning on moving and will have a lot of free time to work during May and could really use all the hours she could give me. Seeing as I am one of only a few ABC Managers I think I should be able to work a bit, hopefully

6)The plan as of now is to leave BV on June 4th, stay in DC for a day or two and then I will be in NY for 2 weeks and fly out to Utah around the 20th

7)I have started my spring cleaning with two major moves in mind - tossing things left and right.

8)I started going through my cupboards and my storage totes of shampoo/face wash/lens solution stuff and tried to plan around how to use it before i leave and not buy any more

9)Could we cross fingers and toes that I get a job before I move?

10)I feel really, really good about this move.

Guys - This is happening.

I've evaluated things a lot since I have been home from Utah. I wanted to make sure that I was not making this move for anyone but myself, and I think in this decision it is okay to be selfish. Even though I have not moved yet I have already seen so many lessons I am going to learn from doing this. Today a friend and I were discussing a ..situation..and a certain someone and he said that moving to Utah seems like it will be the very best thing for me right now, I really just need to get out and get away from the situation and get back to me.

In another discussion with a different friend today I was told to "Let the man raise his kids". "The man" he was talking about is my dad. A little background: My mom went back to school when I was 11 and I was put in to the roll of "mom", cooking, cleaning and making sure everyone made it to school, seminary, after-school activities, church, etc. Its just what happened. So I have this "mom-gene" and then on top of that I became "mom" so I still have the tendency to act like "mom". Dad and I were having a talk and it came up that we arent sure what Georges graduation status is at this point or what he is doing, which led to talking about his job and then how Dad still gives him lunch money even when he makes a good amount of money...

Then I was talking with said friend and he said "let the man raise his kids".

It reminded me of when my sister-in-law told me that I had to leave home and go away for college. To take time for me, and let them learn to deal with things on their own. Its four years later and now I have someone telling me again that I need to let them live their lives.

It seems Utah will be good for me and serve a similar purpose as to what Virginia did for me.

This is a long post,
and really its mostly just for me,
personal notes,
because its easier to type than write in my journal but,
if you read it,
if you have input,
leave it.

I could use more advice and outside perspective.

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  1. Before I graduated high school, my aunty had written me an email, congratulating me on my acceptance to BYU, leaving home for various reasons, and starting new adventures. In her letter she wrote me words of wisdom, words that I would later write on a post it note and carry it with me from apartment to apartment, to graduation, to california, and then to grad school.
    "Sweet, sweet girl, love life with a passion."

    Darling- there are wonderful chances and opportunities that lay ahead for you. Do what is right and let the consequence follow.
    Trust in the Lord.
    Make choices.
    Do good.

    Love your life Gina.

    I'm excited for you.

    (and now I am ending this novel of a post- I apologize-lol)