What do I want to do with my life?

I want to move to Utah.

I want to move to Washington, DC.

I want to move to Phoenix, or Boston, or Seattle.

I want to work for a University - Administrative work, Career Services, Admissions.

I want to be a wedding planner.

I want to teach Business in High Schools.

I want to go to Graduate School for my MBA or Master of Public Administration or Master of Accountancy or Master of Education or Master of International Affairs or Master of Business Studies with a focus on Human Resource Management.

I want to be a Certified Les Mills Body Attack Instructor.

I want to run a 5k.

I really want to learn how to make a macaron.

I was just talking to a housemate of mine as we switched our laundry and I told her that I was moving to Utah, training to be an instructor, going to find a job at a University doing... something, and blog about the whole thing.

I then said,
"If only it were that easy"

And she said,
"What if it is?"

Guys - What if it is?!?!
What if I need to, for once, jump without seeing the landing underneath.
Thats super unlike me.
I almost didn't go to DC because I got my internship and did not have housing yet.
But - what if I just do it.
What If I say, I am moving.
I find an apartment.
I maybe find a job. Maybe I wait till I get there to find one.
I use public transportation for a month or two until I get a hold on finances and get a car, or maybe I just walk a lot.

This would be me moving across the country.
Id have to stay for a year at least.
I wouldnt want to make that big of a move twice.

What if it really is that easy?

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