Graduation Photos - Sneak Peek!

I know I said I wouldnt post until after break but come on - I had to!

I hate (hate) having photos taken of me but after having 4 years of my dad constantly reminding me that he does not have a photo of me in his wallet and cant "show me off" (his words, not mine) and with Graduation coming up (60 days!!) I knew I needed some photos. We are doing family photos after Graduation when the whole family comes down to Virginia.

Thank you, Thank you, Mrs. Brinn Willis for the photos - Hopefully this is enough of a teaser for the family to get excited for pictures in April :)


  1. cute. I like the middle one.

  2. Beautimous! I especially love the colors in the first shot!

  3. Dear Gina,

    You look gorgeous! And I am jealous of your sweet bangs.


  4. Look how pretty and grown up you are. You still look like the little girl I knew. Just with awesome bangs. Tell your family hello. Can't wait to see those pics.