It is all becoming far too real...

I have realized just in the last week what a real possibility it is for me to move to Utah.

I just looked up flights and found the cheapest to be flying from JFK to SLC on June 28th.

That would give me like a week and a half at home, and a few days in DC to see all my loves there.

That would mean I take my very last final and go home. Try to re-pack everything and hopefully do it in a time frame that I can send some stuff with Boomer on his drive out from NY to UT.

Ive been e-mailing one of the girls I stayed with over break who is leaving to teach in DC this next semester and we've chatted about me buying her contract.

Which I could do.

I could stay there until August and that would give me 2 months to find a job, and figure out where I want to move, and get a hold of a car (?).

Dude - I could really be doing this.

I have talked to my Dad about it briefly about moving. I talked to my older brother, Stan and his wife, Linda and they were both very much in favor of it. That helps because Linda happened to be the one to give me the final push out of NY when I was thinking of staying in-state for college after Dad had his heart attack my senior year. She looked me in the eye and told me that I had to get out, I had to do something for myself and give the family time to figure out how to do without me and live my life.

I did it. I don't regret it.

The fact that she says I should move to Utah is a big pro.

All I can think of is:
Woah. Woah. Really!? Dude. Woah.

I feel like a ditz typing those words, but thats really how I feel right now.

Apology in advance for all the Utah posts I am going to write in the coming month.

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