My Tuesday.

Since I made the deal yesterday that I would get a pair of TOMS if I went to all of my classes I decided it might be a little more motivation to have them here and not allowing myself to wear them. I ordered my TOMS this morning and have a spot cleared on my bookshelf by the door where I will display them until all requirements are met or, they go back.


I went to Personal & Family Finance, and came home and took a nap. It was one of those really cozy naps that you dont want to wake up from but I realized I could not give in that easily. I had just ordered my shoes!

I went to Strategic Management and then Economic History.

I came home, did some Paladin work, went to Paladin and then came back home.

I talked to my landlord (yup, thats possesive people. My landlord.) and she is sending me a contract for the apartment located in Provo.

So, dude, its really, really happening. (Is that one to many comma's?)

Then I realized I had thirty minutes to kill and went for a run. I ran an easy distance but I dont just run so my body was not happy. By the time my legs really couldnt take anymore and I slowed to a slow jog and then walking I felt like I was going to pass out.

In fact, I almost did. Twice.

I made it home and now its time for a little re-fueling and then an FHE meeting and then a couple hours in the library.


Here's an oldie for you. I found this from this past christmas pre-hair cut/color. Some days I really, really miss my curls. I can't exactly pull it off with the bangs. It looks weird. I miss the curls. I like the bangs. What to do, What to do.

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