From now until April 8, 2011 I must attend the following classes -
4x Body Flow
4x Body Attack
4x Financial Markets and Securities
4x Spanish 4
4x Economic History
4x Strategic Management
4x Personal & Family Finance

(April 8th is a blip in my class attendence because we are going to the Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond, VA for Markets&Securities)

On top of that I have the following assignments that need to be done:
Personal & Family Finance - Paper (3/29)
Economic History - Senior Paper Topic Proposal (3/29)
Personal & Family Finance - Beginning write up of final budget (3/30)
Strategic Management - Year 18 BSG Simulation (3/30)
Personal & Family Finance - Complete Budget (4/12)
Economic History - Senior Paper Topic Rough Draft (4/7)
Strategic Management - Year 19 BSG Simulation (4/6)
Financial Markets & Securities - Test 4 (4/6)
Economic History - Senior Paper Topic Rough Draft (4/7)
Economic History - Presentation, Prohibition (4/12)

Basically - I have a lot going on, and my motivation was left in Utah so I had to think of a way to bribe myself to get this all done. Yup, bribing myself.

With a pair of TOMS :)

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