The Land of Milk and Honey Butter

I don't know what I ever had against Provo or Utah for that matter - cause I'm a big fan now.
I love the mountains.
I love the Jamba Juice.
I love my best friends who I get to hang out with for the next week.
I love my best friends roomates - ref. to Felicia and Joyce
(though Colin, you're cool too... mostly because you can make ramen cake)
I love the huge campus of BYU - and love that within an hour I found Amanda Cowan, Mike Voyles, Esther Harsh and some random guy that was talking to us at FHE last night.

I dont love the big hair and the constant show off of engagement rings and girls my age or maybe younger with babies - but I dont have to give in to those things, so I can handle it.

Vegas was pretty darn great too. It was a steady 75 degrees for the time I was there. I ate In N Out (twice, animal style), toured the strip on a Friday night (yikes), shot a gun for the first time (and blew up a tv in the process), grabbed Cafe Rio & rode on the back of Johns Bike on the highway... do not tell Dad. (Disclaimer: John asked if I wanted to go fast, I said no, he took the highway.... impaired hearing much?)

Ill post photos when I get back to VA. There are many :)

Okay - Back to my breakfast of bread, honey butter and jamba juice all @ the Wilk.


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  1. You better put pictures up.. your awesome.