For a girl who did not do well in Macro and Micro, I sure am loving Economic History and have been considering doing a graduate program in Economics....

For a girl who did really horribly in Corporate Finance (our highest finance course @ SVU), I can't believe I am looking at jobs that require me to have Series 6, 7 and 63 licensing. Finance Jobs.

What the what?

Reality: I have an apartment in Provo. Signed, sealed, delivered - It's mine (and Sam and Felicia's - Thank you Joycey!!)

Reality: I do not have a job

Reality: I don't have a car either

Reality: If I could just find a job working in career development for a University that would hire me that would be swell. That would be pretty ideal. Next preference is education and working on my Masters so I can teach Business in high school, because it's a cause I believe in. After that would come straight up office work.

Working for a finance company was never on my radar but it is a little bit now.

Because I love to learn, and I discovered it late in my college career.
A job in the financial industry would afford me another year or so of serious learning.

I dislike becoming an adult and making these big choices
(and it thrills me all at the same time)

Signing off for now, I must clean my apartment and get on some paper writing, budget preparing and presentation designing. Oy.

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