Recipe for a less than productive Saturday...

Start with one part waking up early (because I have lots to do)
add in looking out the window to see the tree outside it almost bent in half due to wind

Sprinkle with a dash of tornado warning
and Gina's normally irrational (but this time rational) worries and fears

Combine with three roommates who take shelter in the basement apartment (mine) due to said tornado warning and facebook notifications of sitings of a swirling storm system in the next town over

Gradually mix in my boy scout tendencies of preparedness - i.e. I packed a tote with some clothes, important documents, external hard drive, etc.

Bake at 200 degrees for 3.5 hours (or as long as the really bad storm keeps up and tornado warnings are on)

Take out of the "oven" and what do you get?

A very tired Gina.

(Which looks comparable to this photo taken on one of the hottest days in D.C. this past summer. Ash and I chilled in the office and Reed made a run to Trader Joe's for Root Beer.)

Not only do you get a very tired Gina...
You get an annoyed Gina when she wakes up from her longer than necessary nap (I blame all the adrenaline running through my body during the storm) realizing that she has gotten nothing done today.


[out of third person]

I had taken off work today, blocked off a few hours specifically for a grand paper I must turn in or I don't graduate and I didn't get it done. I woke up, saw the storm rolling in, saw how bad it was predicted to be, packed for a little bit, cleaned the house a little so I would not be distracted by the messiness and could write my paper and then the storm hit hard so I was buggin' out while my roommates came to hang out in the basement because that's what you do when you are awaiting a tornado.

After the hustle and bustle was over one of my roommates stayed downstairs doing homework "with me" as I proceeded to fall asleep. I was so tired. Nothing was keeping me awake. I just woke up which means I have missed The Fading Point - Acapella Experience concert that I already paid for and I have only a few hours until the dance and then going out for my last lee-hi's trip with the freshman group. (see below)

and yes, I am taking a few minutes to blog about it.
and yes, I feel better now that I have done that so I'll get on to some
work now and hopefully salvage what is left of my Saturday.

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