Post #27 on Utah

I went to Richmond on Friday for a tour of the Federal Reserve Bank.
They began talking about job openings,
and I suddenly wished I hadn't signed a contract for an apartment.

do not worry - i am not changing my plans

but then I remembered all that moving to Utah meant -

1)Living with my best friend (read that: sister) for 2.5 months
2)Living close to my boys (which is just rad)
3)Feliciana (if she didn't get her own bullet point, I would hear about it hah)
4)5 minute drive to the Provo Temple
5)30 minute drive to the Mt Timpanogos Temple
6)1 hour drive to Salt Lake (and the temple)
7)Food: Jamba Juice, J Dawgs, Spoon it Up!, Cafe Rio, In N Out
8)A new adventure. Richmond would be new but it's still Virginia
9)I don't have a job offer in Richmond, or anywhere else. I have some options in Utah
10)I feel good about this move (at least, I did at one point and I'm sure its just nerves taking over now)
11)If I don't like it, I can move


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