Do a little dance...

I'm sitting on my bed.
To my left - dinner. Farfalle pasta, meatballs, & Wal-Mart brand sauce.
*Babs would be horrified. You never, ever, mix pastas and sauces (I.e. rigatoni belongs with a meat sauce, bucatini should be covered in spicy tomato sauce with loads of pancetta, farfalle does not belong with meat balls. She knows these things because she lives in Italy when she isn't teaching)

To my right - my juice box.

I need to finish senior paper.
For realsies.

but I just thought about how I am moving to Provo in less than 60 days,
and I felt like doing a little dance.

but I didn't feel like getting up, and therefore - no dance.

but if I did a dance it would probably look something like this...

Start at 1:30 for what the dance would look like.... 

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  1. haha I love imagining you doing that dance.