Happy Birthday Giuseppe!

Sometimes we call him Giuseppe, sometimes we call him Josefina, or Joe-fiss, but no matter what we call him he'll always be my baby broski and today he turned the ripe old age of SEVENTEEN!

So weird.

and yes, this is the only picture i can find on my computer of joey.
He's the one all the way on the right.
This is when we went to the Washington, DC temple to be sealed as a family in 1997.
George is less than thrilled.
but i love him just the same,
and Giuseppe too.

True Haywood Family Story:
My dad really did want to name Joey, Giuseppe Vincenzo. 
My mom said "No, we aren't Italian"
So dad had to settle for Joseph Vincent.
I kind of love how Dad thinks and acts Italian.


  1. Gina - I am not even kidding here I totally thought you guys were Italian my whole life! Your Dad is totally Italian at heart :)