Thank You, President Obama

(that may be the only time you hear me say that)

...or whoever is responsible for the American Opportunity Credit and the Making Work Pay Credit

I now am $1,000 closer to being able to get a car when I get to Utah.

This is great because I was fairly worried about transportation.

I know, I know, Provo has a great public transportation system and I don't necessarily need a car.
I guess at this point it is more of a "safety blanket" to be able to have a car so I can jump in and drive whenever I need to, wherever I need to go.

While we're on the topic of saving lets talk about ...saving.

I put $1,300 in my savings account for three months rent, utilities, and groceries for this summer in Provo.
I moved another $200 into savings for the deposit for the apartment.

$100 from grandma for a graduation dress that I already bought, and I have been depositing my paychecks into the savings account since I started back up at Joyful about a month ago so that is another $160. It looks as if I will have at least $1,000 left over from my spring refund check that I can put towards the car fund and another $2,000 of refund, and I get my deposit refund for my current place before I leave of $215,  Plus the $1,000 tax refund I am getting in the mail and the money I will make at Joyful from now until I leave in June (I figure another $250 at least) so that is....


and having already put away rent, utilities and food that means the $4,725 can go to the things Ill need to buy when I get to Utah (pillows, a few dishes, storage drawers, hangers, toiletries, towels, etc.) and the leftover goes into my car fund...

Have I mentioned that I am graduating in 13 days with a Business Degree so I fully love working things out like this. Yay, budgets :)

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